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Tri County Orthopaedic Center Tri County Orthopaedic Center Tri County Orthopaedic Center
Tri County Orthopaedic Center
Tri County Orthopaedic Center
Osteoporosis Evaluation Osteoporosis Evaluation

Osteoporosis (OS-tee-oh-poh-ROH-sis) is a disease of the bones. People with osteoporosis have bones that are weak and break easily.

A broken bone can really affect your life. It can cause severe pain and disability. It can make it harder to do daily tasks on your own, such as walking.

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Our Specialties
Total Joint Replacement
Non Surgical Back Evaluation
Osteoporosis Evaluation
Physical Therapy
Diagnostic Radiology
Sports Medicine
Shoulder Surgery
Foot & Ankle Surgery
Trauma and Fracture Management
Arthroscopic Surgery
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Whether you were referred by a friend, family member, or your physician, we welcome the opportunity to serve you. Tri-County Orthopaedic Center provides comprehensive services including arthritis evaluations, joint replacement surgery, spine surgery, sports medicine, arthroscopic surgery and general orthopaedics.
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